Supply and demand analysis of grooved pipe fittings Market

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Grooved pipe fittings are a new type of steel pipe connection fittings, also known as clamp connection, which have many advantages. A pipe connection only takes a few minutes, which simplifies the technical difficulty of field operation to the greatest extent and saves man-hour, thus stabilizing the quality of the project and improving the work efficiency. This is also the general direction of installation technology development.
The price of pipe fittings market in key cities in China continues to be weak and consolidated. With the end of the conference, the northern steel mills basically resumed production and the market delivery operation increased. From the market understanding, the trading atmosphere yesterday was not warm, the merchants'shipment volume remained low and their mentality was weak. In addition, the cost support tended to weaken, and the steel mills resumed production. It is foreseeable that supply pressures will increase and market confidence will obviously be insufficient.
At the end of the meeting, the pace of steel going southward in the northern market will also accelerate, which is absolutely only pressure and no motive force for the price of the southern market. Generally speaking, macro data are weak, market confidence is unstable, and demand is difficult to improve with the deepening of off-season. Merchants'shipment operations will increase and market prices will continue to bear pressure. It is expected that steel pipe market prices will continue to oscillate slightly tomorrow.
The average price of 108*4.5 seamless pipe in key cities of China is 3470 yuan/ton, down 5% from yesterday. The highest price is Guangzhou market, and the current price of 108*4.5 seamless pipe is 3950 yuan/ton. The lowest price is Tianjin market, and the current price of seamless pipe is 3250 yuan/ton. The average price of 1.5 inch * 3.25 welded pipe in key cities of China is 3158 yuan/ton, which is 3% lower than yesterday. The highest quotation in the market of welded pipe in key cities is Chengdu market, and the current market price is 3400 yuan/ton, which is stable. The lowest quotation is Tangshan market. The current price of welded pipe is 2910 yuan/ton, which is 20% lower than yesterday.
The Bureau of Statistics continued to publish a series of macro-data in October. Among them, the growth rate of industrial added value above scale, investment in private fixed assets and investment in real estate development still declined slightly, the economic pressure was great, and the demand was difficult to increase. At the same time, the average daily output of crude steel in October fell below 2.2 million tons, which is also expected. After all, there were fewer working days in October, and the APEC meeting was about to hold in the second half of the month. As a result, production reduction and production restriction increased, resulting in a decline in total production. However, although production declined, the supply pressure in the market after the resumption of production could not be reduced.
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