How to appraise the quality of grooved pipe fittings

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Grooved pipe fittings are one of the most commonly used pipe fittings for connecting pipes nowadays. With the increasing use of grooved pipe fittings, more and more manufacturers are producing grooved pipe fittings. Quality problems become a burden, so it is necessary to use a good method to identify quality. Here is an introduction.
1. Correctness of grooved fittings
This aspect considers whether a grooved pipe fittings are suitable for installation, whether the type matches with the type of the pipeline, and whether the sealability is adequate, etc. The type and sealability are the most critical factors for product quality and life, thus losing the significance of connection. ://
2. Fine workmanship
This is to measure the seriousness of the groove pipe fittings produced by an enterprise. We can not measure the enterprise culture or enterprise management. But from the fine aspect of the groove pipe fittings, we can see the strength and seriousness of an enterprise. This is also our measure of whether to cooperate with an enterprise. Prerequisites.
We must use the above methods when choosing grooved pipe fittings, so as to ensure that you choose the best grooved pipe fittings.